The Ethereum hedge fund
That pays you to hold…
We are amalgamating human and machine learning to create a Proof of Intelligence (POI) hedge fund on the Ethereum blockchain, powered by the HEDGE token.
Own an Ethereum address with over $100 in Ether and / or tokens and want to receive weekly HEDGE token payouts?
Don’t own enough Ethereum assets to join the fund but want to complete social tasks to earn 50 HEDGE (worth $141.50)?
Why will there be no public crowdsale?
ETH Edge Capital has already raised $26.8m by utilizing its distributed network of data scientists.

We are incentivizing the construction of an AI powered hedge fund with the HEDGE token, an Ethereum based  ERC20 compliant token. The 10 million HEDGE tokens in existence represent the $28.3 million fund that ETH Edge Capital gained through fiat stock trading.

ETH Edge Capital pays Ethereum asset holders in HEDGE simply for giving indications of upcoming trade decisions. For example, ETH Edge Capital presents a HEDGE holder with the data ‘SEC rules that all ERC-721 tokens are now subject to federal securities law’ and pays the user for their hypothetical trade response based on that data.

The more Ethereum assets you have, the more we pay you for your decisions and opinions.

With our expertise and knowledge of the Ethereum cryptocurrency we are best placed to deal with an issue regarding Ethereum and using this currency on casino sites. Inside bitcoins has written a highly detailed, objective, honest and non-biased reviews of casino providers out there that accept Ehereum and whether they are worth your invesment. This right here is better than a reddit guide to an ethereum casino.

For private investment inquiries, please contact: [email protected]


Register Your Address

Hold HEDGE tokens in your ERC20 Ethereum wallet.

Price Predictions

Express your cryptocurrency price predictions over the decentralized, autonomous network.

Receive Payout

Receive payouts in HEDGE for your price prediction contribution. Higher payouts will be distributed to higher value Ethereum addresses.
The HEDGE Token
  • Name:HEDGE
  • Fixed Limit: 28,300,000 USD
  • Exchange:1 HEDGE = 2.83 USD
  • Fund Begins:  20:00 EST 10/21
  • Register By: 20:00 EST 10/20
Price Predictors
Price Predictors
Price Predictors
Price Predictors
1 HEDGE = $2.68
Total Cumulative Revenue
2018: 135% Growth 13.5%
2019: 281% Growth 28.1%
2020: 593% Growth 59.3%
2021: 1098% Growth 109.8%
Token distribution
5% Team
10% Data Science
50% Payouts
25% Airdrop
Revenue Growth
Ethereum asset growth prediction powered by our autonomous AI…
  • June 201810,000 autonomous data contributors aquired, listings confirmed at Binance and Livecoin for January 2019.
  • June 2019HEDGE now trading on 7 different platforms, including Binance, Livecoin and IDEX. Buy wall set up to prevent price dropping below $2.83.
  • June 2020Estimated around 50,000 data contributors of ETH Edge Capital network. HEDGE in top 5 highest liquidity tokens on Ethereum blockchain.
  • Dec 2017 Conception of idea to port the previous fund into the cryptosphere. Investors close in on $28.3 million of investments.
  • Dec 2018 Even at current cyptocurrency prices, assets like the ethereum casino usa will be around 240% under HEDGE.
  • Dec 2019 Hedge token value to increase by 213%. Total Ethereum assets of HEDGE holders to rise by around 570%
  • Dec 2020 Data starts to become ambiguous, but predictions set total Ethereum assets of HEDGE holder to have increased by over 1000% (10 times increase in revenue).

HEDGE Starting Price

Autonomous Trade Data Contributors

Price Prediction Accuracy

Unclear about ETH Edge Capital’s mission? Read the whitepaper for a complete technical breakdown or explore the full payout terms and categories of token distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Ethereum based assets (ETH and Ethereum tokens) only count towards your voter value if you own the address where they are kept. However, assets kept within a decentralized exchage (IDEX, Etherdelta etc.) do count for your voter value.

We use Etherscan’s API to calculate the value of your Ethereum address. You can calculate yours by entering your address in and adding ‘Ether Value’ and ‘Token Balance’ to give your total Ethereum asset value for that address (you can have multiple addresses)

Every week you will be sent HEDGE tokens to your registered Ethereum address which can be sold on Binance, Livecoin or IDEX. For detailed information on how much HEDGE you will receive every week, please visit

You can assign multiple addresses to your fund ID, as long as you own the addresses.

The snapshot occurs every Sunday at 20:00 EST.

Yes, we advise you to hold your funds in a decentralized wallet rather than on an exchange.

HEDGE payouts are distributed every Saturday at 20:00 EST

Once HEDGE is fully listed on Binance, Livecoin and IDEX, a buy-wall will be set up using ETH Edge Capital’s reserve fund to ensure the price of HEDGE never drops below $2.83